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Political Gender-based violence in the south-southeast region

Analysis project


The exercise of political rights is one of the fundamental rights of the human being, as well as being a key element for the development of a democratic society.

One of the principles of this right is equality; Women and men must be in the same conditions to fully enjoy their political rights. Throughout history women have encountered obstacles that have prevented this ideal of substantive equality; Although the struggle for the recognition of equal political rights has ended, they now face another equally great challenge: equality of exercising them with freedom, which has been curtailed by the violence that is directly exercised against women, whose consequences, among others, threatens and inhibits the exercise of women's political rights.

There is a general context that shows that political violence impacts the right of women to vote and to be eligible in electoral processes, to freely and legally deploy their right to political activism, as well as to hold public or elected offices.

In our country, addressing political violence against women is a vitally important issue. In order to solve this problem, significant changes have been made in our legal system, ranging from constitutional and legal reforms to the drafting of a Protocol to address political violence against women. women. These changes have had a positive impact on the political reality, however, they have been insufficient. A pending task is the analysis and study of the concept of political violence, from its emergence to its legislative scope; Its recognition as a legal figure and its classification as a crime in some states such as Oaxaca; In addition to delve deeper into how the problem’s recognition has made it more visible and in consequence it’s possible to generate proposals of solution.

In this context, the Institute of Legal Research of the Autonomous University of Chiapas, from the southern part of the republic, proposes to generate an analysis of political gender violence in the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca, Evaluating the political electoral and justice system of this region, to generate a proposal that addresses the phenomenon in south-southeast Mexico.


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